Kripa Vishw

As we have often heard, there are three types of love story. While the first one is innocent, crazy and ignorant, the third one is mature, sincere and committed. Today when it’s common to shift emotions and feelings like shifting apps on your phone, it is very rare to see love that is stable and sure of its foundation. During the shoot of their pre-wedding and wedding, we got to see that type of love between Kripa and Vishw. They met through their parents but took time to get to know each other. Being independent and emotionally aware, they were looking for more than just love. They were looking for compatibility, comfort, understanding, trust and friendship. Sometimes people forget how important all these things are for love to sustain. Kripa tells us “It’s the little things he does that made me fell in love with him. He isn’t afraid of showing affection and that just melts my heart.”

When we saw Kripa on a floral doli at her wedding day, we couldn’t contain our joy. Love indeed should be celebrated like this. The ceremony was just perfect. Everything from the décor to vibe of the ceremony was balanced beautifully. When kripa hugged Vishw in the car after her “Vidai”, we couldn’t help but feel extremely delighted because these two found the right kind of love. A love that remains…