Chandani Harshit

“Happy Birthday”
“Thank you so much”
“Where’s the party?”
“Haha. There is no party as such. But we can go out for a milkshake treat.”

Chandni recalls their first conversation to be something like this. Two family friends who didn’t dare to talk to each other at social events and functions found words on the rectangular screen of their phone.
What started just as a birthday treat ended up being a ritual. They tell us, “We never eat Saturday lunch at home. We are always out and about. That’s what we do together most of the time; eat.”

We didn’t know that there was a deeper meaning to this innocent and cute story. You see, it wasn’t just about dining out together all the time. Chandani recalls, “He knows what I want even without me saying anything.”
Whenever chandani use to get mad or angry, he knew that her temper is high because she is hungry. So he would quickly fetch some chocolates or take her out to eat something. Isn’t that super cute?
As they say, two foodies can understand each other perfectly.
Chandani and Harshit work on this strange telepathy where one understands what the other needs instantly. Such connection is very rare.
Even if you look at the photos we captured, you would see what an amazing friendship and tuning they share.
Their wedding was a sight to see. The red and beige colour theme with pink hue made the decorations elegant and chic. While the decor was minimalistic yet defined, the one thing that stood out was #ChaHat.
The couple was dressed up in traditional attire and totally complemented one another.
While chandani seeks calmness from Harshit.
Harshit seeks that contagious energy of Chandani.
If there is one thing we learned about them, it’s that they both may not be perfect, but when they are together something just clicks right.

Groom’s Outfit :
Wedding : Manyavar

Bride’s Outfit :
Sangeet : Asopalav
Wedding : Asopalav

Make-up and Hair Artist :
Arti Thakkar

Event Management :
Unique Planners