Let's get to know each other !

Hi! I’m Hegins Christian. Engineer by qualification and photographer by passion. After working in corporate sales for six years I realised I was a people’s person. Humans always amaze me. We as humans may be imperfect but nothing is more perfect than our ability to feel. I then followed my heart and became a photographer to express my personality through my passion.

I’m always so keen on capturing human emotions, I believe photography has very little to do with what we see in a moment and everything to do with how we see it. As a wedding photographer at work, I always aim at making new things familiar and familiar things new. I don’t believe in the clientele culture, TRTS is a family and it sure knows how to work with one! After building TRTS on the strongest foundation I want to explore wedding photography more in depth and take TRTS to new heights. If I am not with my camera, you will find me reading books or travelling or both!

Enough of my story, what’s your story?