Keval & Krishna

“…it was the day when our family agreed for our marriage. I was in his hometown, Rajkot and we went for a drive afterwards. Holding my hand he said he couldn’t believe that we were finally getting married. His eyes couldn’t the happiness and in that moment I think I fell for him all over again.”

We were completely immersed listening to their love story, narrated by the bride herself. It was so much more than a fairy-tale. This is a story of two real people who strived to meet at the cross-roads and yearned to walk on this journey of life together. While Krishna was reluctant with the idea of arranged marriage at first, it was Keval’s understanding and supportive nature that got her thinking twice. The world could say whatever they wanted to but she knew that their story started with love at first sight. She had just met once before meeting his family and still she could find comfort in him while juggling this new experience. She was scared and nervous but in that room full of people, it was Keval who made everything easier.

And just like that, they knew they were meant to be. All the fear and insecurities were set aside because this was a soul connection. Krishna tells us that it wasn’t so seamless as it looks, there were in fact many hurdles. But from the day they met to the day when they got married, they didn’t leave each other’s side. She says, “It is because of that support that I am so confident about Keval. I know whatever may come; we will deal with it together.”

Their wedding was just as beautiful and pure as their relationship. It was subtle yet chic, simple yet classy, low-key yet beautifully detailed. The wedding festivities started with the most colorful and beautiful haldi ceremony we have ever seen. Instead of just Turmeric, the groom was showered with every colour possible. The wedding day was just heavenly. Weddings are usually chaotic but at their wedding everything was organized and beautifully managed. While the wedding was just perfect, the reception was nothing but grand. The bride and groom looked stunning in their outfits and the décor was incredible.

All in all, we can just say that if Wedding is a team play, then Keval and Krishna could easily be the best team of all.

Groom’s outfit :

Haldi : Havana Fashions
Wedding : Telon Men (Mumbai)
Reception : Prima Czar (Mumbai)

Bride’s Outfit :

Wedding & Reception : Asopalav (Surat) 

Hair and Make Up Artist :

Wedding : Ankeeta Artistry 
Reception : Bonanza Salon

Event Management : 

Haldi & Reception : Valiant Events
Wedding : G9 Events