Deep & Saloni

“Vidhi no lekh che aa”, Deep said while reminiscing how he ended up falling in love and getting married. The plan initially was to settle in an arranged marriage set up but destiny had something else in store. Deep met 11 girls through his family but found none of them to be the right match. He later escaped this process and went to UK for further studies.

“That’s where I met her, in UK. We had common friends and would go out partying every weekend. Initially our friendship was very formal but everything changed when one night she only allowed me to the bathroom to take care of her while she was puking badly and all her friends were outside worrying.”

Taking care of someone while they are puking doesn’t seem like a good start to a romantic relationship but this was no fairytale. Deep still smiles shyly looking back at that day when she allowed herself to be vulnerable in front of him. After that day, everything seemed to move in effortless flow. There was no verbal proposal but both of them knew that they found their match.

It’s not that Deep and Saloni are two similar people. While deep is a more conscious soul, Saloni is carefree. They love one another because they righty complement each other. They have a great emotional understanding and distinct way of communicating their feelings.

Both their families are poles apart. Forget caste, they don’t even speak the same language. The differences are so inbuilt that even during the marriage procession they had trouble communicating their ways of celebration and rituals. But just like the couple, their families value not only love but companionship. They saw what Deep and Saloni found in one another and they agreed to this relationship because they were compassionate enough to understand the couple’s perspective.

After the prolonged journey, finally the day arrived. Deep was going to marry Saloni with the blessings and good wishes of family and friends. The wedding was preceded by haldi where everyone showered their love on the couple by applying haldi on them. There’s one photo that we love, where the couple is walking ahead holding hands. It genuinely is the apt description of how the couple joyously left their haldi and walked on to the next day of their wedding.

It was nothing less than a big fat Indian wedding arrangement. The flowers were in glory, the lights illuminated, the altar decorated and the guests, in awe and excitement. It was an open sky wedding and the venue looked nothing less than a heaven ornamented for the lovely couple. The bride looked nothing less of a princess in her pink lehenga and Deep looked extremely regal in his sherwani. But the love story is so unique that the wedding itself couldn’t fall shy. Suddenly loud thunders surrounded the place. In the next moment, heavy rain welcomed itself. A normal reaction would be to hype this uncertainty and panic about the decorations and arrangement but surprisingly everyone was calm as ever.

The guests quietly helped one another and the intimate family focused on the wedding rituals. There wasn’t a speck of worry on the faces of the bride and the groom. All you could see was their eyes glittering in the wait of their future together. The wedding went so well that it seemed rain was a much-awaited guest. After all, love is also about the hard work you put in. Deep and Saloni were so sure of their love and efforts that they knew nothing could ruin this day for them.

Groom’s outfit :

Haldi : Tailors Point, Ahmedabad
Wedding : Mohit Falod, Jaipur
Sangeet : Riyaasat, Ahmedabad

Bride’s Outfit :

Haldi : Coral Boutique, Jaipur
Wedding : Mohit Falod, Jaipur
Sangeet : Dolly J Studios, Delhi

Hair and Make Up Artist :

Groom : Zion Salon, Ahmedabad
Bride : Arneeb Malik

Event Management : The Diaries Event

Locations :

The Indana Palace, Jaipur.

The Urban Turban, Jaipur.