Shailja & Mukesh

What happens when two people who are poles apart meet one fine day in the beautiful city of Bangalore? Only one of the two things can happen. Either they keep moving their separate ways or they might just spend the rest of their lives together being in awe of one another. This sweet story of Shailja and Mukesh is the one where the latter happens. They are totally opposite with different careers, goals, views and thoughts. For other people, this might feel difficult to adjust to, but they decided to look at this situation in a unique way. Being curious about one another led to countless discussions, dates and even fights. However, the most beautiful thing is that they accepted each other exactly the same way. While Shailja accepted him as being introverted and realistic, Mukesh accepted her as being outgoing and dreamy. Even their likes and dislikes don’t match but they decided to overcome their differences and chose companionship. The good thing is that they never ran out of topics to talk about. They were seeing a completely different world through each other’s eyes. They made a conscious choice to acknowledge, understand and relate to each other’s perspective. And that’s when they knew this is meant to be forever.

Their wedding ceremonies reflected a love story of the real modern world. The ceremonies were colourful, traditional, and emotional but at the same time, they were full of vigour, elegance and happiness. Haldi ceremony was minimalistic in an artistic kind of way. Shailja was covered with haldi and happiness all through the way. After then, Shailja in her bright red wedding lehenga just stole our heart away. Her bright green jewellery completed her immensely and made her look like a regal queen. The wedding ceremony was perfect, to say the least. Both of them looked divine and majestic. They were so overwhelmed with emotions because this was the biggest day of their lives. We are glad we got the opportunity to capture the wedding of two sensible, independent, wise and mature people. After all, it’s only those fairy tales that demand grand gestures, while love demands reality checks.