Ayush & Divya

‘Something tells me you’re the one.’

As we tried to note down their sweet story that led to a beautiful wedding, we recalled our bride Divya telling us about the day she met our groom, Ayush. “We went out on a date arranged by our respective families. I remember the exact date, the 4th of July. Looking back to that day, I feel nostalgic. I remember nervous energy surrounding us. The first thing I noticed was how different we were. While he’s a cold coffee, I am a strong and hot cappuccino.”

Weighing all the pros and cons in her head, her restless heart finally found comfort when they went for a drive later that day. Sharing their mutual love for a song, she found a hope that she didn’t want to let go that easily.

Of ‘course it wasn’t love at first sight. It was not at all something that could fit into a rom-com of mere 3 hours. This… well, this was the real deal. Something they both had to work on. Something they both had to build, day by day.

On a rainy evening, during one of those long “getting to know each other” conversations, they both couldn’t help but fall in love with each other. Ayush knew before she did, that they are meant to be together. He often says, “She overthinks a lot. But that’s also because she cares deeply. That’s one of the reasons why I love her.

As the days went by, an extroverted Divya found solace in Ayush’s calm, composed and introverted life.

During their ceremonies, they embarked on a new adventure which led them to unravel new things about each other. The newfound love was growing on them. As soon as she arrived in Ahmedabad for their wedding, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. At the Sangeet ceremony, Ayush completely surprised Divya by dedicating her a romantic performance. She had never felt this special in her life. And when it was her turn to perform, Ayush looked at her as if he was mesmerized by her.

The wedding ceremony turned out to be exactly how the couple wished for. Divya, in her dark coloured lehenga, looked like a regal bride. The couple dressed in the shades of red and maroon perfectly complemented each other. Surrounded by their friends and family witnessing their wedding, Ayush whispered, “Hey Divya, from now it’s on forever.”