Khushi & Kavish

“When We Said Yes…”

We have been proven time and again that destiny plays by its own rules. Even though extremely near, two people don’t cross each other’s paths unless and until they are ready for each other. Something on the similar lines happened with Khushi and Kavish. Even though they went to the same college, studied the same course, were part of the same batch, they never met until their parents arranged a meeting for them. A totally random meeting turned out to be a completely special one, just because they were always meant for each other and this time around, everything turned out to be right!

Relationship grows organically when two people are perfect for each other and love each other’s company. Khushi while talking to us, shares one of the cutest moments when they were courting, “I wanted to tell him that I loved him, but who says that on a 3rd date right? Even then, I gathered some courage and told him that I like him. When he heard that, in an instant blurted out that he loved me. This made me realise he is as crazy as me.”

And just like that life’s page turned for both of them and now they had someone special for the rest of their lives. Just like Khushi and Kavish, their wedding festivities exuberated warmth, brightness and joy. Their haldi and mehendi ceremony was one of the most elegant, chic and coordinated events we have ever seen. The warm colours and detailed décor elevated the look of the location. Khushi in her dark green lehenga and Kavish in his pastel kurta looked adorable to say the least. Entire family from both the sides danced, sang and celebrated the togetherness of the lovely couple.

Their wedding ceremony was no less. Surrounded by the greenery and mountains, the wedding sure did seem like it was set in the heaven. Khushi in her bright red lehenga made the most beautiful bride ever. Getting married to Kavish and performing rituals with him, her happiness had no bounds. One of the most special moments was when she said her vows and Kavish couldn’t help getting emotional. Even though Kavish can’t stand the aroma of mehendi, he not only withstood it on Khushi’s hands but also applied mehendi for her, to showcase his love and sincerity. Isn’t this the promise of marriage after all? Getting out of your comfort zone because you love someone so much?

Later they celebrated their new bond for lifetime with a reception ceremony/cocktail party. Khushi and Kavish matched in black, looked graceful and stylish. The whole ambience was set for the party mood and everyone danced their heart out. After-all, lucky are the ones who find true love and the right way to celebrate it is in a grand way, isn’t it?