Aastha & Yash

You, me and 7002 miles.

It’s true what they say, love arrives in your life when you least expect it. Before even they could talk properly, our bride, Aastha had made up her mind that she would refuse this arranged proposal. Aastha tells us, “I was very keen on finding out reasons to say a clear NO, so I was not nervous at all, in fact I was the one who texted first as I just wanted to get over with it.” But clearly god has other plans. Destiny has its mysterious ways, so subtly it makes us meet our soulmate that we don’t even realise when the story of our life turns to a new beautiful chapter.

Even though they could meet only virtually, within two months they both realised that they were ready to take the step forward. In India, you don’t just marry the person, but their whole family as well. Aastha said, “I bonded with Yash’s family instantly, especially his mother, so this intensified my decision to spend my life with him.”

Everything was set, the wedding was set in February, but again god had different plans. Due to the pandemic, they had to postpone their wedding. Many couples were trying to manage this difficult phase, however our bride and groom thrived in this adversity. Even though their wedding got delayed due to an unforeseen reason, Aastha resolved that she would meet Yash, and go against all the odds. She flew to Canada, and 7002 miles later, the to-be-wed couple met for the very first time.

There’s a different kind of beauty in courage that comes from love. Love makes us believe that anything is possible. Love at first sight? Yes. Love after 10 years of knowing each other? Yes. Love just by talking to each other virtually? Yes. So, with this newfound courage that came with being in love, Aastha and Yash made each other a lifetime’s worth of promise.

The celebration of their love started with Mehendi. Colourful, vivacious, fun, warm, the mehendi ceremony was nothing less of all that. The decoration was so beautiful that it created a festive vibe. While the haldi scene was all over the place, but in the best way possible. Laughter and Joy of the loved ones made this ceremony a total hit. If we talk about the wedding, it was everything one could dream of. From mandap to venue decoration, everything was covered in white and pastel pink colour, giving a cool hue to the whole setup. Aastha in her dark pink and purple lehenga looked stunning, while our dapper groom in his off-white sherwani, couldn’t keep his eyes off her!

This is how the outspoken, chaotic, and extroverted Aastha met her soulmate, a calm, patient and understanding introverted Yash. In the end, we will sum up by quoting Aastha herself, “Sometimes even when you aren’t looking for something, you end up finding a gem.”

Bride’s Outfit :
Anonymous Designer
Mehendi : Payal Zinal
Rituals : Patola by Nirmal Salvi
Haldi : Poonam Kotak
Wedding : Ekaya Banaras

Jewellery : R. Narayan Jewellers
Flower Jewellery : Jayshree Real Flower Jewellery
Mehendi Jewellery : Tonoto
Mehendi Artist : Misbah Qureshi
Make Up & Hair Aritst : Aditi Bharbhaya

Groom’s Outfit : Arvind Khatri & Sons