Anand & Rashi

“You are my Sunday.”

“I don’t believe in love at first sight or love at first meet. In fact, I feel like you really need to go through a lot of time, situations and experiences with the other person to understand what love truly means”, says our beautiful and profound bride Rashi while recalling her love/wedding story. A chance encounter with an acquaintance from school led her to meet Anand. Once she joined Aasmaan foundation, an NGO co-founded by Anand, there was no looking back. They became a part of each other’s lives organically. The next part isn’t where they fall undeniably in love with each other. That’s because this is certainly not a story that ends in three hours. Sometimes, love takes time. Sometimes, you need to be patient with yourself and the other person as well.

Rashi and Anand remained friends for five years before they got into a relationship. They look at their sweet time to get to know one another. “Anand is the most honest dedicated and compassionate person I’ve met”, says Rashi. She adds, that their friendship is the backbone of their relationship. Somehow, they managed to be in each other’s lives through ups and downs. During the time they were friends, they really got to understand each other and know how the other person sees life. When someone respects you wholeheartedly, supports your dreams, pushes you towards your goals, and shares the happiness that you create for yourself, life does become a joyful ride. The mutual respect for individuality and admiration for one another helped Rashi and Anand fall in love.

Their love is far from adjectives like mad, crazy, toxic. It is unconditional, but also mature. A love that’s calm, stable and based on strong fundamentals. And just like that, two people who definitely should get married to each other got married to each other.

Their wedding festivities embodied the couple’s spirit. Nothing was over the top and yet everything was perfect. The haldi ceremony was covered in happiness of every shade. The wedding itself was set on a beautiful evening. The minimalist yet classy decorations graced the wedding location. Anand in his pastel blue sherwani looked really handsome and Rashi in her bright red lehenga looked like royalty. While taking their pheras they both looked happy, content and in love. When we asked Rashi what made her wedding special, she said “Anand was holding my hand throughout and that gave me so much strength to face the plethora of emotions that a girl goes through on her wedding day.”

We have witnessed many couples, but Anand and Rashi blew us away. They surprised us and gave us a fresh perspective on how love can be. Sometimes, it’s all about who you are most comfortable with while sharing silence.

Groom’s outfit :

Wedding : Riyaasat

Bride’s Outfit :

Wedding : Shyamal & Bhumika

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Bride : Amaya Salon

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NChant Events

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@Mango (Aam Bagaan)